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Exhibits in this gallery are dynamic and change frequently to underscore the significance of the Graveyard of the Atlantic as a custodian of important archeological and cultural resources.  Explore the most recent technologies and procedures used in the discovery, exploration and preservation of shipwrecks such as the U. S. S. Monitor.   Learn how modern technology has been applied to improve the odds for mariners traversing the Graveyard of the Atlantic today.
The Confederate States of America used submarines in combat. They built small, steam-powered submarines, called Davids, named for the Bible's legendary giant-slayer. On Oct. 5, 1863, one of these attacked the USS New Ironsides off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, disabling but not sinking the ship with a 65-pound spar torpedo.

Civil War - 40-foot-long HunleyThe Civil War also saw the first submarine to  successfully sink its target, the  40-foot-long Hunley , which was operated by eight men turning a hand crank attached to her propeller shaft. The Hunley sank and was recovered three times during trial runs before it was successful. On Feb. 16, 1864, under the cover of darkness, the Hunley sank the USS Housatonic off Charleston. Accounts differ as to the reason, but the Hunley sank soon after sinking the Housatonic . It was discovered in May 1995 off the coast of Charleston and was recovered in August 2000.


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