Shipwreck Archeological Workshop (SAW 2008) Information and Application

THE POUNDING BREAKERS RELENTLESSLY BEAT AGAINST WEARY SHIPS AS SEA-FARING SOULS SEARCH IN VAIN FOR SALVATION FROM THE ANGRY SEA... The waters off North Carolina's Outer Banks entomb thousands of vessels and countless mariners who lost a desperate struggle against the forces of war, piracy and nature. The Graveyard of the Atlantic, with one of the highest densities of shipwrecks in the world, holds some of America's most important maritime history.  More than just a collection of artifacts, the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum is a premier cultural attraction for the Atlantic Seaboard and one of the finest, most innovative maritime facilities in the nation.   All along the Outer Banks lie shipwrecks associated with this rich heritage, such as ...

Ghost Ship

January 31, 1921, 6:30 a.m. -

Surfman C.P. Brady of the Cape Hatteras Coast Guard Station scans the horizon in the first light of day with his spyglass.  As daylight increases he is shocked to spot a five-mast schooner with all sails set riding a sandbar on Diamond Shoals.  The sea was rough and the tide was strong. He put out a call for help...

To try your hand at solving one of history's greatest maritime mysteries, click in the spyglass view at left.

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